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Machine Learning and Robotics Engineer


Mohit Arvind Khakharia

Good with three out of the following four things:

| Machine Learning

| Robotics

| Full Stack Development

| Terraforming

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A Machine Learning and robotics engineer with around ten years of industry experience. An end-to-end software development lifecycle experience, starting with requirements gathering & development to deployment & maintenance. 

#DeepLearning #MachineLearning #AutonomousVechicles #TensorFlow #Keras #ROS2 #AutoEncoders



University at Buffalo, The State University of NewYork
Class of 2018

SSN College of Engineering, Anna University, India
Calss of 2013


Ford Motor Company

Machine Learning Engineer (2021 to Present)

Buffalo Automation

Machine Learning Intern (2017-18)

Machine Learning Engineer (2018-19)

Vice President, Software (2019-21)

Sirius Computer Solutions

(Acquired by CDW Corporation)

Software Developer (2013-16)

Education Experience


  • ROS2

  • Keras

  • TensorFlow 2.x

  • TensorFlow JS

  • Flutter

  • Flask

  • Open CV

  • Numpy

  • Scikit

  • Pandas

  • NoSQL 

  • GCP - BigQuery

  • GCP - Vertex AI

  • GCP - Cloud Run

  • PIL

  • SciPy

  • PyTorch

  • Pandas

  • Async IO

  • Websockets

  • Node JS

Areas of Interest

  • Machine Learning

  • Robotics

  • Autonomous Vehicles

  • E-Commerce

  • Deep Learning

  • Point Cloud Processing

  • Computer Vision

  • Natural Language Processing(NLP)

  • Generative Adversarial Networks(GANs)

  • Auto Encoders

  • WebRTC

  • Software Project Management


  • Python3.x

  • Javascript

  • C++

  • Java

  • Golang

  • Cadence



  • Buffalo Automation - Machine Learning Engineer [2017-2021]

    • Architected and led engineering teams for implementation of perception, estimation, planning, and actuation algorithms for autonomous maritime vessels.

    • Led lidar and radar teams to implement global cost map population in ROS2 to aid path-planning algorithms like A* and RRT*(Rapidly-exploring random trees).

    • Implemented Neural Networks for real-time offline image recognition and object classification using quantized CNNs on TPUs.

    • Designed and implemented Neural Networks for obtaining the depth of objects from stereoscopic images for aiding a self-navigating maritime system.

    • Designed and implemented Neural Networks to differentiate water from the sky, land, and non-navigable objects using panoptic segmentation.

    • Architected solutions and led offshore teams to implement SLAM algorithms like Cartographer and SLAM Toolbox for outdoor environments and architected their implementation on edge devices.

    • Sensors used: Velodyne, Ouster, Quanergy, Livox, Furuno, and Lowrance.​

  • University at Buffalo, New York
    Research Assistant - Data Science Engineer [2016-2017]

    • Worked for the research experiment called, “Customizability Project”. The experiment involved showing users curated news articles in a pseudorandomized order and performing concentrated analytics on the user’s behavior to study the Bayesian prior in an individual's political attitude and beliefs.

  • Sirius Computer Solutions (Acquired by CDW Corporation) [2017-2021]

    • Project Lead for Developing E-Commerce web application for Mattel Inc. which includes E-Commerce applications for Fisher Price, Barbie and Hot Wheels.

    • Maintained and performed enhancements on on Tommy Hilfiger's and Calvin Klein's E-Commerce web portals.

    • Integrated IBM Watson cognitive computing services like, sentiment analysis, personality insights service, face detection to existing projects.

    • Developed an IBM WebSphere E-Commerce application for SpeedoUSA( in an agile fashion with a team of six developers. 

    • Implemented a reporting cum auditing solution for Lloyds Bank, UK using IBM WebSphere Experience Factory. 

    • Worked on various other projects involving Google Cloud Platform, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Search Engine Optimization, Oracle APEX and native Android development.

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