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Machine Learning and Robotics Engineer


Mohit Arvind Khakharia

Good with two out

of three things:

| Machine Learning

| Robotics

| Terraforming Mars

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A Machine Learning and robotics engineer with over a decade of experience. An end-to-end software development lifecycle expertise, starting with requirements gathering & development to deployment & maintenance. Also, a startup founder with executive experience for around two years.

#DeepLearning #MachineLearning #AutonomousVechicles #TensorFlow #Keras #ROS2 #AutoEncoders



University at Buffalo, The State University of NewYork
Class of 2018

SSN College of Engineering, Anna University, India
Calss of 2013


Unity Technologies

Senior Machine Learning Engineer(2021 - 2023)

Ford Motor Company

Machine Learning Consultant(2021)

Buffalo Automation

Machine Learning Intern (2017-18)

Machine Learning Engineer (2018-19)

Vice President, Software (2019-21)

Sirius Computer Solutions

(Acquired by CDW Corporation)

Software Developer (2013-16)

Education Experience

Executive Roles

  • CEO of Event horizon Labs Incorporated, Canada: A Machine Learning and Robotics Consulting Startup

  • CEO of Dark Matter Halo Incorporated, Canada: A Real Estate holding company owning and managing properties in Canada.

  • Advisor in The Millron Group, Canada.

  • Chief Technical Advisor and shareholder in The Millron Marine.

  • Shareholder and Ex-VP Software in The Buffalo Automation Group.

Education Experience


  • ROS2

  • Keras

  • TensorFlow 2.x

  • TensorFlow JS

  • Flutter

  • Flask

  • Open CV

  • Numpy

  • Scikit

  • Pandas

  • NoSQL 

  • GCP - BigQuery

  • GCP - Vertex AI

  • GCP - Cloud Run

  • PIL

  • SciPy

  • PyTorch

  • Pandas

  • Async IO

  • Websockets

  • Node JS

Areas of Interest

  • Machine Learning

  • Robotics

  • Autonomous Vehicles

  • E-Commerce

  • Deep Learning

  • Point Cloud Processing

  • Computer Vision

  • Natural Language Processing(NLP)

  • Generative Adversarial Networks(GANs)

  • Auto Encoders

  • WebRTC

  • Software Project Management


  • Python3.x

  • Javascript

  • C++

  • Java

  • Golang

  • Cadence



  • Unity Technologies - Machine Learning Engineer [2021 - 2023]

    • Training computer vision models with synthetic data generated using Unity's Perception SDK.

    • Photogrammetry

  • Ford Motors - Machine Learning Engineer / Solution Architect

    • Architecting end-to-end ML pipeline for FIR camera based detections of vulnerable road users and ​ large animals.

  • Buffalo Automation - VP Software | Machine Learning Engineer [2017-2021]

    • Architected and led engineering teams for implementation of perception, estimation, planning, and actuation algorithms for autonomous maritime vessels.

    • Led lidar and radar teams to implement global cost map population in ROS2 to aid path-planning algorithms like A* and RRT*(Rapidly-exploring random trees).

    • Implemented Neural Networks for real-time offline image recognition and object classification using quantized CNNs on TPUs.

    • Designed and implemented Neural Networks for obtaining the depth of objects from stereoscopic images for aiding a self-navigating maritime system.

    • Designed and implemented Neural Networks to differentiate water from the sky, land, and non-navigable objects using panoptic segmentation.

    • Architected solutions and led offshore teams to implement SLAM algorithms like Cartographer and SLAM Toolbox for outdoor environments and architected their implementation on edge devices.

    • Sensors used: Velodyne, Ouster, Quanergy, Livox, Furuno, and Lowrance.​

  • University at Buffalo, New York
    Research Assistant - Data Science Engineer [2016-2017]

    • Worked for the research experiment called, “Customizability Project”. The experiment involved showing users curated news articles in a pseudorandomized order and performing concentrated analytics on the user’s behavior to study the Bayesian prior in an individual's political attitude and beliefs.

  • Sirius Computer Solutions (Acquired by CDW Corporation) [2017-2021]

    • Project Lead for Developing E-Commerce web application for Mattel Inc. which includes E-Commerce applications for Fisher Price, Barbie and Hot Wheels.

    • Maintained and performed enhancements on on Tommy Hilfiger's and Calvin Klein's E-Commerce web portals.

    • Integrated IBM Watson cognitive computing services like, sentiment analysis, personality insights service, face detection to existing projects.

    • 1/6 Developers of an IBM WebSphere E-Commerce application for SpeedoUSA(

    • Implemented a reporting cum auditing solution for Lloyds Bank, UK using IBM WebSphere Experience Factory. 

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